SEEd Medical Publishers publish contents in the field of medicine. They are available as paper books and ebooks (epub and pdf).

We publish books on several aspects of healthcare, but we are mainly interested in three topics:

  • health economics;
  • the legal aspects of medicine;
  • communication among healthcare actors (patients, caregivers, physicians and nurses).

Health Economics

We developed expertise in this field thanks to our collaboration with a pharmacoeconomics society (AdRes) and in view of the shortage of economic resources in the healthcare sector, which results in the need for an even greater focus on the optimization of such resources.

In addition to the journal Farmeconomia. Health economics and therapeutic pathways, we published several books on Pharmacoeconomics, Health Technology Assessment, Patient Reported Outcomes and Pharmaceutical Market Access.

Legal Aspects of Medicine

Although in the medical field updating is compulsory for physicians, the importance of the legal aspects of medicine is too often underestimated, and almost unknown. However, the prevention and management of healthcare mistakes, the rules on off-label prescriptions and the rights of physicians are all subjects worth of study, also due to the growing number of lawsuits that are increasingly being filed against healthcare professionals.

Besides the journal Pratica Medica & Aspetti Legali, we published books on medical errors, bioethics, disease certifications, off-label prescriptions, informed consent and conscientious objection.


Communication in healthcare is a too underestimated skill, that is not even taught in almost any medicine degree course. However, communication is crucial for teamwork and for the relationship with the patients, having also the potential to improve compliance.

With these concepts in mind, we published several texts about communication among healthcare professionals and with patients, focusing in some cases on the motivational interview and the management of addictions.